Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH, Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

Since 2011, Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH has been sponsoring the PEOPLE for POLARBEARS foundation.

Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH is a nationwide tax consulting and auditing firm with headquarters in Bad Homburg and other locations throughout Germany. Its areas of expertise include the German medium-sized business sector and a focus on foundation business.

We are delighted that since the foundation’s founding in 2011, Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH has been providing pro bono services to produce the annual foundation balance sheet and associated tax returns, as well as the final annual review of tax assessments and/or charitable status confirmations. This sponsorship model was established due to the longstanding successful collaboration between Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH and STI Smart Innovations GmbH and STI Smart & Different GmbH in Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe.

The annual sponsorship model of Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH relieves the PEOPLE for POLARBEARS foundation of another important cost item by 100%, ensuring that donations reach the foundation’s actual purpose. Every cost not incurred in foundation administration benefits the foundation’s projects.

We are thrilled that we were able to win over Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH for our foundation and that our contacts have evidently been sustainably convinced of our foundation’s work and purpose.

Many thanks to Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH, and here’s to a long-term collaboration.

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