2017 Project award Karupelv I. and II.

For the past 30 years, the German-French Greenland Expedition has been documenting the impact of climate change on the behavior and habitat use of polar bears in the Karupelv Valley Project. Based on this data, it is clear that polar bears are increasingly forced to stay on land due to the loss of sea ice as their habitat.

This results in more frequent conflicts between humans and polar bears in the entire Arctic region, often resulting in the death of polar bears as humans are forced to resort to weapons. To mitigate these conflicts, we are working together to promote the use of polar bear protection fences.

In May and December 2017, the ” PEOPLE for POLARBEARS ” foundation funded a new electric fence for the research camp in the northeast of Greenland, helping to protect both polar bears and the research crew. The fence funded in May 2017 was first used in the summer of 2017, and the fence funded in December 2017 was first used in the summer of 2018. The effectiveness of these electrified fences was proven when there was a polar bear incident that could have been fatal for either the humans or the polar bear. The images of the polar bear attack on the research camp are a clear testament to this.

In addition, we present impressions of the polar bear population directly in the research area of the Karupelv Valley in northeast Greenland.







Im weiteren zeigen wir Impressionen der Eisbärenpopulation direkt im Forschungsgebiet des Karupelv Valleys im Nord-Osten von Grönland.







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