2019 Project award Karupelv Valley/Greenland IV.

Karupelv Valley/Greenland IV – Professional Research Polar Tent

Our pictures from the 2018 project allocation already clearly demonstrate that from the perspective of a polar bear, humans are not necessarily welcome in their habitat.

From the perspective of the foundation managers, it is all the more important to annually support the researchers of the Karupelv project by providing them with the necessary equipment and accommodations on site, so that they can carry out their important research as optimally as possible during the summer months. A top-quality equipment is an essential requirement for a successful expedition. Only when the research team can work healthily and motivated, can we continue to rely on the important data sets and biological insights from this vulnerable habitat and derive further benefits from them.

While we have invested more in equipment in recent years (see project allocations in 2017 and 2018), we were able to finance a professional, large polar tent for the researchers’ annual research stays in 2019. The material is specially designed for the extreme weather and ground conditions. The quality of the crew’s stay on site is thus significantly increased from this year onwards. The Mountain Hardwear Space Station Dome Tent can be used as a base camp for any alpine or arctic expedition or undertaking at high elevations. The large dome tent can accommodate approximately 15 people and makes it the perfect space for a cafeteria, a meeting place or a communication center. The dome shape minimizes wind attack surface. The durable material and robust frame with attachment options provide stability and longevity even in storms and snow. Weather forecasts can be discussed in this tent, tactical briefings can be reviewed, and the equipment can be maintained. The tent has three entrances, so that the windward entrance can always be used. Five UVX windows provide daylight inside and allow for constant observation of the weather without having to leave the tent. The Space Station Dome Tent can be used to wait out bad weather. The outer tent is made of tear-resistant nylon fabric and the frame is made of DAC Pressfit material. This tent is the ideal base camp accommodation for mountaineers and expedition goers.

Karupelv Valley/Grönland IV.

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