The idea

Responsibility is key to the answer. Looking constantly for answers to the same question … “Who should I supporting this year?”  … I was never getting the right answer. Instead, every year urged not answers but raised even more questions such as

  • “Does my donation get invested the way it should? How much will be eaten up by administrative costs of the foundation?”
  • “Is making a donation enough? How big is my desire for my social commitment?”
  • “Do I want to get personally involved, and if so, where and how and with whom? Where do I start? What do I stand for?”

Do you know this situation? These thoughts reoccurred annually in great regularity. This happened often before Christmas whilst repeatedly medial negative headlines were broadcasted regarding foundations or charities that have misused their funds. This ultimately led to the decision that I wanted to establish a stand-alone  foundation myself.

The final answer was found and the decision to take responsibility as well!

Hence I set up the Foundation “People for Polarbears” in 201 according to the “Good practice Guidelines of Foundations” I preferred an purpose that affects not only people with a regional approach, but also touches on global interests. The polar bear for themselves and as a key theme of the whole Arctic habitat is globally perceived without scandals in public. I focus with this foundation’s purpose animal and wildlife conservation in this region as well as environmental protection and thus in the broadest sense protection of mankind around the globe. To contribute to a balanced, possibly world-sustaining and intact ecosystem is exciting and equally important to me as long-term sustainability of my decision.

I am very proud of a very unique feature of our foundation: We are  the only foundation in Germany and Switzerland, which is exclusively focusing polar bears and its habitat.

We, myself and all people working for the foundation are dedicated to the greatest degree of transparency to outsiders. Also we all try to operate the foundation as far as possible on a cost free basis. All internal bodies work for free, the remaining administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum and will be recovered completely by sponsors. A few examples:  

  • no costs occur regarding creation of our home-page through our web designers
  • no costs occur regarding bookkeeping and preparation of the accounts
  • no costs occurs regarding the office space of the foundation

Precisely by such exceptional measures we firstly convince ourselves and look forward to convinving  YOU in a second step. We do know such an undertaking needs a lot of effort, but we also know that confidence-building measures can be realized only with a sincere and sustainable commitment and conviction. And so 100% OF YOUR HELP will arrive at the foundation’s purpose. And that’s our goal and your goal… our common GOAL!

Yours sincerely

Volker Henrich (Vorsitz)

Volker Henrich – donor and founder


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