STI Smart Innovations GmbH

STI Smart Innovations GmbH is a service company based in Bad Homburg v. Germany. d. Höhe, which specializes in the trading & leasing sector of mobile economic goods (

For the HUMAN FOUNDATION for EISBÄREN, an Environmental Lease Contract has been created that is specially tailored to STI Smart Innovations GmbH customers. Here the customers have the free choice additively to the fixed negotiated leasing rate a monthly donation in the amount of 5 euro into the donation to make.

The project has been very successful, especially as the STI Smart Innovations GmbH presents its customers a framed certificate on behalf of the foundation for their monthly donation readiness. The customers receive an award for having invested in particularly ecologically and ethically selected financial products.

The polar bears would like to thank the honorary support of STI Smart Innovations GmbH.

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