STI Smart & Different GmbH

The STI GmbH is a company in the HMCT network (, which concentrates on the customer benefit in the entire range of regenerable energies. Since all action, thinking and doing at the STI revolves around ecological and environmental issues anyway, the symbiosis for environmental protection and thus for our foundation is perfectly integrated into the company’s product range.

True to the motto: Customers who achieve significant energy cost savings through the use of STI products will not find it difficult to invest a minimal amount of their savings in the good cause “FOUNDATION PEOPLE for ICEBARS”.

The STI has also agreed to take over all bank charges incurred by the MfE Foundation during the year. This is all the more gratifying for all donors or those who want to become one. In addition, this means that we get the already low cost notes that arise in the Foundation, even thanks to the STI currently 100% funded against and thus creates the freedom that your donations 100% of the Foundation’s purpose!

The polar bears are very grateful for the volunteer support and the above-mentioned sponsorship of the STI GmbH.

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