Muskelkatersport Köln GmbH, Cologne

The PEOPLE for POLARBEARS Foundation is partnering with Muskelkatersport Köln GmbH to venture to northern Canada on an expedition to observe polar bears in their natural habitat.

Muskelkatersport Köln GmbH has been a retailer for sports and outdoor equipment for various locations in Cologne for many years. The company is also active worldwide through various online platforms and web shops. The distribution of sports equipment, sports gear, and accessories needed in nature automatically aligns with the foundation’s purpose.

We are delighted to have Muskelkatersport Köln GmbH as a sponsor for our expeditions to the natural habitat of polar bears in Alaska, the territories of Canada, Greenland, Svalbard, and Siberia. Being equipped with professional gear is essential for such expeditions, and we are grateful for the 100% cost coverage of expedition parkas by Muskelkatersport Köln GmbH. Top-notch gear is vital to achieve optimal results during expeditions to remote areas of the planet.

The foundation team was first equipped for a Canadian expedition in winter 2012 through the sponsorship model of Muskelkatersport Köln GmbH. During this expedition, approximately 3,000 outstanding pictures were taken during polar bear observation, forming the basis and framework for the foundation’s publishing media today. By covering the equipment’s cost, the PfP Foundation was relieved of a crucial cost burden, and we thank Muskelkatersport Köln GmbH for their support in standing together for humanitarian environmental protection with the PEOPLE for POLARBEARS Foundation.

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