Grenke Bank AG – Die Unternehmerbank

The PEOPLE for POLARBEARS Foundation maintains its donation account at Grenke Bank AG in Baden-Baden for good reason. The entrepreneurial bank offers the PEOPLE for POLARBEARS Foundation free management of its foundation account.

This allows the foundation to accept one-time as well as recurring small donations that, due to the free account management provided by Grenke Bank AG, arrive at the charitable purpose of the PEOPLE for POLARBEARS Foundation 100%. Grenke Bank AG sets itself apart significantly for us from the mass of banks, savings banks and credit institutions that now not only charge fees for outgoing amounts, but also for incoming payments.

Here’s a simple example: A child donates 5 euros from its saved money, and the bank charges a 0.50 euro booking fee for it. In this example, 10% of the total donation in the conventional banking process of the PfP donation went towards bank costs. This is avoided with the current account model in conjunction with Grenke Bank AG.

The PEOPLE for POLARBEARS Foundation thanks Grenke Bank AG for this opportunity to manage its accounts. With 0 euro account management, it actively enables 100% of foundation donations to arrive at the foundation’s charitable purpose.

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