Connector Werbeagentur, Bergheim b. Köln

Graphic creativity in the sense of environmental protection for the PfP

The creation of creative ideas and their presentation in print media and all kinds of media carriers is the business activity of the Connector advertising agency based in Bergheim near Cologne. The purpose of the PEOPLE for POLARBEARS foundation is close to the heart of Connector. Thus, it was a natural choice for the PEOPLE for POLARBEARS foundation to collaborate with Connector.

All graphical details, ranging from business cards, flyers, roll-ups, and the design of the home-page, are created together with the Connector advertising agency from Bergheim b. Köln. This collaboration was arranged by STI Smart Innovations GmbH and STI Smart & Different GmbH in Bad Homburg. For our foundation, Connector works exclusively pro bono.

This is a combined sponsorship and ambassadorship model. On the one hand, by working pro bono on the graphical works for the foundation, Connector incurs no costs so that 100% of the donations can be directed to the foundation’s purpose. On the other hand, by creating informative and clever materials, the foundation’s groundwork is established to make it more widely known.

We express our sincere thanks to the Connector advertising agency for their work on behalf of the PEOPLE for POLARBEARS foundation and look forward to continued sustainable collaboration in the interest of polar bears.

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