Bauplanung Gräf, Dietzhölztal, Hessen

Provided by the photo-expertise of the Hessian company Bauplanung Gräf our foundation PEOPLE FOR POLARBEARS went on an expedition to Northern Canada

Owned by Andreas Gräf, the construction planning company Bauplanung Gräf, is dealing with contemporary high-quality architecture on a daily basis. The visualization of objects mostly makes up the total order volume placed by clients, mainly midsize companies. Sustainable thermal insulation of properties and thus environmental protection in general are deeply rooted in the philosophy of the company.

After having started the foundation PEOPLE FOR POLARBEARS Volker Heinrich, CEO and founder, and Andreas Gräf, chairman of the foundation, undertook an expedition to Northeastern Canada. The whole expedition was privately financed. Besides, Andreas Gräf placed his highly professional technical photo and film equipment at the disposal of the expedition.

Fortunately, the weather conditions and the polar bear population were perfect during the whole expedition. Thus, nearly 3000 breathtaking pictures and several film sequences could be taken on the ground. These pictures and film sequences still make up the basic media material for publications by the PEOPLE FOR POLARBEARS foundation.

Bauplanung Gräf I
Bauplanung Gräf II
Bauplanung Gräf III

There are 10 award-winning images among this selection of breathtaking photographs. We are offering a high-quality Limited Edition for purchase or art leasing (for further information please see under “Limited Edition”).

Thanks to the sponsorship model in cooperation with the company Bauplanung Gräf, the foundation PEOPLE FOR POLARBEARS has an extensive and exclusive graphical material at its disposal. Thus, we can guarantee the authenticity of all the images. Due to the generous support of the company Bauplanung Gräf by assuming the total amount of costs of the expedition and thanks to Mr. Andreas Gräf’s disposition of his technical equipment as well as his expertise, the foundation of PEOPLE FOR POLARBEARS has been discharged of a large amount of expenses.

We would like to thank the company Bauplanung Gräf in Dietzhölztal for their kind support and their cooperation with our foundation PEOPLE FOR POLARBEARS in the name of environmental protection.

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