Polar bears

Polar bears are the largest predators on earth and are loners. During a meal, you can eat up to 50 kilos of meat. Basically, polar bears are carnivores, but they have also been observed eating berries or algae.

Polar Bears have 42 sharp teeth, which enables them to tear dense fur and bacon. The main meal are seals that stick their head out of the ice holes to get air. Often the polar bears wait for hours for this moment. They already smell the seals at a distance of one kilometer, dead animals already at 30 kilometers. The males are considerably heavier than the females.

The maximum age in the wild is estimated at 25-30 years and in human care you can be 45 years old. The females give birth only about every 3 years 1-3 boys. The birth of the bears takes place between November and January, ie in winter. One month before the birth, the females move into a birth cavity, where they stay with the young until the fourth month of life.

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